Hi! I'm Matt. I teach classes in nature connection and skills for living with all of Earth's creatures in North Carolina and along the East Coast.

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I am deeply interested in village building and connecting with the ecosystems that sustain me. I have been a teacher and facilitator in many different spaces - earthskills, community facilitator, naturalist, tutor, mentor, drum instructor, organizational development specialist - for the past 15 years. I have been practicing and teaching earthskills and nature connection skills, such as bow hunting, fire making, foraging, animal processing, hide tanning, pottery, and food preparation, since 2015. I spent 2018 living primarily outside, cooking over wood fire, and living in a bark-covered home. These days, I live in the city of Asheville, located on the ancestral lands of the Cherokee people. You can read reviews of my classes here and here.

What others have said about me:

"I appreciate Matt's teaching style. He creates a comfortable environment and offers layers for learning at every level. This relationship-based connection is exactly how I want to be learning." ~Graham W.

"Very knowledgeable in bushcraft/primitive skills. Took the friction fire class and could not be happier! Light hearted but focused, friendly, full of knowledge and his teaching is very discussion based, asking questions to to guide our thoughts and encourage conversation. As was aid many times that day, “there are many right ways to do it”. 10/10 would recommend!"
~Julie L.

Matt presented the information in tree identification class in a way that will stick with me. Not just a list of facts (which I can get from a book) but a more holistic approach that is aligned with how I best learn and retain information. And he made it fun!
~Catherine H.

"This was the BEST day in a very long while! I cannot wait to continue to hone my skill and help teach my boys! The feeling of being able to create fire is one I have never experienced before."
~Nichole A.

"It was a pleasure being a part of your friction fire class! I learned a lot and really enjoyed the day out there. Fire is so important for survival but is often taken for granted. Thank you again for teaching me this life sustaining skill! Now I can actually make fire from what's in the woods." ~Rashida M.

https://www.facebook.com/mattjcolombo https://www.instagram.com/mattjcolombo/ https://twitter.com/mattjcolombo

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