Upcoming Events

Animal Processing for Meat, Hides, and Life
February 5th, 2020 | 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM | Florida Earthskills Gathering, O'Brien, FL

Death feeds life, and life feeds death…come and be a part of this beautiful and ancient spiral. There are many ways to come upon an animal that may become part of your sustenance: hunting, the farm, the store, the side of the road. We will be processing an already dead squirrel and/or raccoon and/or possum in an honorable way. The methods we use apply to larger mammals as well. We may start processing the hides if there is time and interest.

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Creating a Fire with Friction
February 8th, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM | Florida Earthskills Gathering, O'Brien, FL
How do you think your ancestors were making fire before matches, lighters, remote-control fireplaces, or stove tops? Connect with them! You just might be the first in your ancestral line to make fire with sticks for many, many generations. Create fire using only a knife, string, and natural materials. This full day workshop focuses on friction fire by the bow drill method, and will be a wholistic class that includes fire building and tending, knife use and safety, and fire history. You do not need to be super strong or athletic to do this and don’t need to do it alone! No prior experience at all is necessary and we will focus on a few different methods to find the ones that work best for you. You will leave with your own hand-crafted bow drill kit! Please bring a sharp, fixed blade knife or you can buy one from me at cost (~$15).

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Past Events
Knife & Axe Sharpening and Care for Generations
November 16th, 2019 | 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM | Hendersonville, NC

Have your knives stopped cutting like they did when you got them? Hatchets and axes not biting into or splitting wood like they used to? Looking to restore an old knife or axe that you found or that was given to you?

Come to this hands-on workshop with your dull tools and leave with glistening, sharp cutting edges or, for a very neglected tool, a solid start and a path forward to finish the job!

Up until the last few generations in the Carolinas, the majority of people lived economical and hyper-local lifestyles. They treated their tools with great respect and knew the value of what they had. The current throw-away culture compels us to dispose of valuable materials because we have been undereducated, misinformed, and tricked by slick marketers.

We will discuss how to take care of your tools so that you can pass them down to your friends and family for generations! Save a bunch of money along the way. Protect yourself from injuries caused by straining with dull tools. Experience the satisfaction of slicing through your vegetables like hot metal through butter! Most of all, take pride in knowing how to take care of your tools and come to appreciate their fullest value.

In this half day workshop, we’ll 
  • demystify the sharpening process, 
  • discuss and use files, stones, and other materials for sharpening, 
  • get your tools shaving sharp or as sharp as you’d like them, and 
  • check out some highly effective niche and old timey tools like a bush hook and scythe, as time allows. 
Each workshop participant will leave having sharpened at least one of their tools (perhaps just on the verge if you’ve got a really rusty and neglected tool) and the know-how to work on other tools with an edge! Feel free to bring other edge tools (pruning shears, scissors, chisels, etc.), though we may not get around to working on them.

Meet the Trees with Falling Leaves: Identification and Relationship
October 19, 2019 | 1 PM - 5 PM | Shelby, NC

Would you like to come meet the trees in the beautiful Fall weather with beautiful fall colors? Many of us walk past trees each day like complete strangers. We don’t know their stories or what they’ve seen. We might be out in the woods and see a huge wall of green, unable to pick out the individuals. No more - this class will set you on your way to developing a deep and meaningful relationship with the beings that we exchange our very breath with. Whether we realize it or not, we are deeply sustained by trees in all aspects of our lives. We sit on them, live inside them, burn them for warmth, and eat their fruits and nuts.

In this class, you will be invited to get to know trees using all of your senses. You will learn the keys to identifying any tree you’d like and how to recognize it like a good friend.

We’ll talk about relationship with trees and ways to integrate them into our lives. We can eat trees, build with trees, make medicine from trees, use knowledge of trees to find wild mushrooms, and more. We’ll sample food from trees, share stories, and practice deep observation through guided sensory activities.

You will learn a memorable number of specific trees that you’re likely to encounter in the environments of Western North Carolina and many parts of the eastern United States, and the role that ecology plays in the appearance of these trees in particular habitats.

This class will be interactive and engaging and there will be plenty of time for questions! We will be walking on some uneven surfaces through woods and fields, but mostly on gravel trail.

Knowing trees can be a gateway to connection with nature, and a life full of learning and happiness. Are you ready?

Creating a Fire with Friction
November 9th, 2019 | 10 AM - 5:30 PM | Hendersonville, NC

Come and learn the ancient art of fire with friction! Create fire using only a knife, string, and natural materials. This full day workshop focuses on friction fire by the bow drill method, and will include an introduction to the hand drill as time allows. You will leave the class with knowledge, experience, and your own hand made bow drill kit. No prior experience is necessary and we will focus on a few different methods to find the ones that work best for you. Knowing how to make a friction fire opens a vast world of possibilities – you may just end up finding yourself at the start of a lifelong learning journey! We will take an hour or so break for lunch. Please bring lunch and snacks.

One of my past classes is featured in the Shelby Star here. The video in the article gives you a preview of making a fire with friction.

While on this quest for fire you will:
• Experience creating friction fire for the very first time just as your ancestors did.
• Carve and construct your own bow drill kit to take home with you.
• Learn knife safety and several carving techniques.
• Learn proper technique for starting a friction fire.
• Learn material identification and selection.
• Learn proper fire structures, tinder collection, and fire tending.

Materials and technical bow drill tips included. You will go home with your very own bow drill kit and the skills and knowledge to create a friction fire! We will also share stories of why fire making is culturally important to humans.

Please bring a sharp, fixed-blade knife with you, as well as a notebook and pen, lunch, snack, and a water bottle. Please ask us if you need advice on buying a knife – we can recommend one for less than $15 that is of high quality and will provide many years of excellent use.